The Secret to Guilt Free French Fries!

I love french fries, so of course I make my own healthy version. Here’s my secret to guilt free french fries. Easy to make at home and oh so good!


When I was younger I’d order french fries at nearly every meal. Today I still love my fries, but I’ve found a healthy version that meets both my craving and my fit lifestyle. The secret to guilt free french fries is making them at home, and the real secret is to bake these bad boys. Technically they’re not “fried” at all. Boom! Trust me, you won’t miss the difference.

My favorite style of french fries are skinny fries, and that is perfect for homemade. I also prefer to keep the skin on my homemade fries. Cut your potatoes into strips and make sure they are thin! The thinner the better kids. Sometimes cutting them thinner takes a little more time, but trust me, you won’t regret giving them the time.

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Once you’ve got your potatoes cut, it’s all about the seasoning! A great way to evenly season your fries is to put them in a large bowl and season in there. I love using my olive oil spritzer. Make sure to generously spritz your fries. If you don’t own a spritzer, then use about a tablespoon of olive oil instead. Add the oil first and then spice up those fries. Pepper and garlic salt work great, as does chili powder! I like a lot of seasoning, but at least a teaspoon of salt or garlic salt is needed.

With your fries seasoned, now place them on a baking sheet. Make sure that each fry is singularly placed on the sheet. You should not have any on top on one another. If you can’t fit them all one, then use another baking sheet. Spritz a little more oil on top of the potatoes, or use a spoon and lightly drizzle it on the fries. They’re almost ready to eat!


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Time to bake these bad boys. Cook your fries in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. My oven isn’t very strong, so I have to bake them at 415 degrees instead. I also move the fries around half way through so they cook evenly. Cook them for ten minutes at first and then flip and rotate your pan. You really only need to rotate if your oven doesn’t cook evenly. Once you’ve flipped them, bake the fries for at least another five minutes. If you think they’ll get over cooked, then lower your oven a little bit and bake them for closer to ten minutes.

Make sure your fries are golden brown and crispy! That’s how they will quench your desire for traditional french fries. I love making these! I make them a lot with sweet potatoes, but I love them with regular potatoes too. They are great to make for your next burger night, or when you’re craving fries, but don’t want to feel guilty about breaking your diet!

Homemade fries are one of my favorite things to make! They’re baked and guilt free. Let me know if you make them and how much you love them.



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