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Screamers Halloween play is a creepy experience perfect for Halloween. This is our review kids!

Screamers is at the Blank Theater: 2nd Stage Theater and runs October 21st through November 6th! It’s all about urban legends and the story takes it time to unfold which is great!

It revolves around a journalist researching urban legends and helping a father find his missing daughter. The daughter, Sam, was very into urban legends too.

The play twists around, takes a bit of time to unfold, but has a great twist at the end of it. Not to mention a creepy clown section and the Tall Man aka Slender Man himself.

Comment on our video and let us know if you’ve seen it or plan on seeing it!

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  1. Bob Patterson

    October 29, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    Saw it….terrific and amazing. …brilliant

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