30 Day Challenge: I am Awesome & My Heart is Healthy!

“I am Awesome & My Heart is Healthy” was my most recent 30 day challenge and this bad boy did not disappoint! It’s a must if you’re looking to strengthen your body and feel empowered!


As many of you know, I’m over 16 weeks pregnant which has made me more aware of what exercises I should be doing. A lot of 30 day challenges focus on ab work and core work, something I need to be careful with for several more months. While I can still work my core, traditional ab work is a bad idea when you’re pregs! So I found a 30 day challenge that would strengthen my body and compliment the changes its going through. “I am Awesome & My Heart is Healthy!”

What drew me to this challenge, besides the awesome name, is that it doesn’t have any traditional core work involved. The challenge has four exercises: push ups, squats, mountain climbers and twisters. There are no rest days and I truly love that. Don’t get me wrong, rest days are great, but there is something very powerful about this challenge not having any. It really is perfect if you’re trying to step up your fitness game and feel strong all month long.

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This 30 day challenge is very approachable. Push ups and squats are done every day! It starts out with only five push ups and five squats. How great is that? Then when you’re finished with your reps you say “I am awesome and my heart is healthy” out loud to yourself! The next day is push ups and squats, along with climbers. Then the third day is push ups, squats and twisters. Day four the exercises reset and the sequence starts over. It’s easy to remember and easy for all fitness levels. By day thirty you accomplish 30 push ups, 30 squats and 15 twisters.


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Doing push ups EVERY day for 30 days completely worked my arms. There was a period when my biceps were extremely sore. I loved that! I tend to not work my biceps as much as I should, favoring my shoulders during push ups. They get hard and my body adjusts to make them easier, so I totally worked on not doing that. Getting to those 30 push ups was hard, but I tried not to adjust to make them easier!

I’d never done twisters before, but what an awesome exercise. It’s just twisting side to side and it was so nice! It really worked my body, as well as stretched it out, after the push ups and squats. I really love how these 30 day challenges always open me up to new exercises. I’m now loving twisters and will definitely be adding them into my workout routines.

The positive message of this challenge is great! I am awesome and my heart is healthy is a great message to proclaim every day! It’s something that I am going to keep with me from now on and it’s definitely a great mantra to instill in you while you workout. I often hear people who complain about working out, but it helps your body and mind so much! Why not celebrate it?


If you’ve never done a 30 day challenge before, this is really a great one to start off with! Don’t let 30 push ups scare you off, especially three days of them. You can totally break them up if you need to, like say into three sets of ten! That is a perfect way to make them extremely approachable. Trust me, by the end of this challenge you’re going to be strong and feel great! You will definitely want to continue with daily push ups! I know I do.




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