My Running Diary: Running with Patience is Key!

I’ve definitely needed patience these past few weeks to help me on my running journey. Being pregnant has taken a toll on my lower back, but no matter where you are at physically, running with patience is key!


Diary of a Running Chick: February 6th, 2017

My plan throughout my whole pregnancy has been to run right up until I give birth. That is my plan, but I must be patient with myself. I’d love this accomplishment because I love running and I love the way it makes me feel! But a few weeks ago I legit had so much pressure on my sciatica (lower back) that it was too much to run. I took my cardio indoors while the pain persisted. I definitely would have preferred to go running outside, but I needed to be patient with myself.

I knew that for me to get back to running outside, I needed to run with patience. I needed to take baby steps, so one day I decided I would go out there and try to run as much as possible. I started running and still felt so much pressure in my back. The pain was not like before, but I needed more time to heal. This bummed me out at first, but then I reminded myself that my body is changing. I’ve never been pregnant before and my body needs to adjust. I needed to be patient.

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My second attempt to get back outside running went much better. I started running on the downhill and could still feel some pain, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I was running with my man and we decided that we would run for a bit, then walk. We’d do intervals and keep dialing it back when the pressure flared up. It was great and we did it the whole run! Every time I needed to slow down, we did. I knew that if I continued to do this, then I would be able to get back to running completely.


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This strategy excited me, but I reminded myself again to be patient. For the next few runs I walked and I ran, alternating along with how my body was feeling. I was careful not to run the uphill, because I was nervous that the pressure would be overwhelming. Each time I ran, though, I felt better and better. I actually wanted to be like “Okay, I’m going back to running what I ran before.” But my man reminded me to patient with my body and to let it get stronger. It was great to have that reminder so I didn’t worsen myself.

Finally, last week I decided I was going to push myself and see if I could run a version of my old route without stopping or walking. It was a shorter version of what I’d been running pre-pregnancy, but I knew that if I started out with that, I could then work my way back up. This route is 4.5 miles, so even if I don’t work all the way up to my 5.5 miles, it’s okay because I’ll get there after the baby is born. I ran those 4.5 miles and felt so great! My legs were sore later in the day and the next day I was back inside due to rain, but I overcame the hurdle!


Running with patience allowed me to get back to running! I was warned to not get my hopes up and that maybe I would just have to continue with my indoor cardio throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but I knew that I could do it. All I needed was patience. I knew that my body would once again feel up to it! I’ll still be patient with my running, because I know the third trimester of pregnancy can bring a lot of changes, but I’m so glad I’m back out there and running!


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