Running Tips: Learn How To Pace Yourself

Runners always talk about pace. Whether you’re fast or slow, you always want to work on it. That can sometimes be daunting, especially if you run by yourself. My best running tips: Run with someone faster than you and learn how to pace yourself!


Diary of a Running Chick: June 12th, 2017

It can be tough to pace yourself, especially if you’re new to running, coming back from an injury, or returning to running after taking time off. I know for me, I can tell when I’m running faster, but I can’t always tell how much. At the end of my run I’m either pleasantly surprised, or a bit bummed. I’m working on upping my pace post baby and running with a stroller, so I’m here with running tips. We all must learn to pace ourselves.

Running with someone else is the perfect way to truly learn your pace and how to pace yourself. I’m lucky that I can run with my man and he’ll run with our stroller. On days I run with him, I’ve pushed myself to close the gap between my husband and I. I’ve pushed my pace and paced myself. I know I can run even faster, but it’s definitely more work for me right now and I’ve chosen to embrace that! I’ve chosen to take my time.

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When I’m running with my man I can totally tell when I’m slowing down. You need to know what that feels like. One time my man ran up behind me and yelled when I was slowing down. This was perfect, because it gave me an outside perspective of when I needed to up my pace. It also made me aware of how much faster I could go. If you have a friend that will do that for you, it is a great exercise to do. My running tips are simple, but you’ll learn your body and its potential. You’ll learn how to grow.


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Running with someone else who knows how to keep their pace is a great way for you to up yours. Prior to your run, decide the route you’re going to take and make sure the length is approachable. Commit yourself to running the entire route with your friend. If they truly run much faster than you, see how long you can keep pace with them. Even if you slow down, you’ll definitely be running faster than you normally would by yourself. If you run in a city like I do and you have to stop at stop lights, ask your partner to wait for you at them and when you see him waiting, sprint to catch up. If you don’t run in a city, you can set points during the route where your friend stops and waits for you. This will give you the opportunity to catch up and then repeat trying to keep pace!

Learning to pace yourself won’t happen over night, but if you can make a conscious effort to feel when you’re running faster and when you’re slowing down, then you’ll be able to get out of your comfort zone. Your pace will increase and running faster won’t feel so hard. Before you know it, a friend will ask you to keep pace for them and do what your friend did for you!

Running is a journey and learning to pace yourself is amazing. So keep these running tips in mind as you set out on your daily fitness. You can get faster. You can push yourself harder and farther. Trust yourself!



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