Running Tips: Get Yourself Outside No Matter What

I definitely wish I had running tips prior to starting my journey. It’s easy to get discouraged, because running is all on you. No one can make you get up, but you can get yourself outside no matter what!


Diary of a Running Chick: October 2nd, 2017

I’m sharing another of my running tips, because I wish I’d had some prior to starting my running journey. Running outside is especially challenging, even more so than at the gym. Getting discouraged is easy, because running inside or outside is all on you. No one can make you get up and go run, but you can get yourself outside no matter what!

Jump right out of bed! This is the easiest way to get yourself outside no matter what. You don’t give yourself a moment to even think about it. You shut your alarm off and you hop out of bed. Go to the bathroom, turn the light on, and change into your workout clothes. That is how I became a morning workout person. I just did it.

Okay, I know that it can be tough, but if you decide before you go to bed that you’re getting up, then you will. I know I can always tell the night before, when I go to bed, if I’m not going to get up the next morning. I always just have this feeling, but the same goes for the days you get yourself outside no matter what. I’ve always known prior to getting up.

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Do not set a second alarm. I always find when I set a second alarm, unless it’s specific as a backup alarm like when you have an early morning flight, that I always use it! I don’t get up the first time because I have a second alarm. I’ll just close my eyes, but I won’t really fall back asleep. Yes you will. I know I always do. It gives us an out before we even have gotten up.

Don’t ever snooze! I had a roommate my freshman year of college who used to snooze. It was horrible when I didn’t have to wake up as early as her. It felt like for some reason she insisted on taking early morning classes and acted like she wanted to get up and get ready, when she almost always rolled out of bed and out the door. This made me hate the snooze! I promised myself that I would never snooze like that on someone. Don’t snooze like that on yourself either! It’s disruptive and you never feel better from the extra 10 or 20 minutes of sleep.


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Let yourself walk. I used to be super hard on myself. If I wasn’t getting out for a run, then it wasn’t worth it. But now, especially since having a baby, I understand that sometimes you just have to walk. You’re still working your body and the majority of the time you’re outside double the amount of time you are when you run. Score! That is definitely a bonus.

Get yourself outside no matter what. Even if it’s just to run half of your normal distance, do it. You are STILL getting outside. You are still running. I know when I do that I run faster, which is awesome. I’m always working toward upping my pace and that helps.

You need to set yourself up for running success! Take a step back from your own process and embrace the running tips!



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