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It’s imperative to plan for running success, and that means knowing when to rest. Running is something that everyone can do, but some people take to it more easily. That’s why resting is essential to your success!


Diary of a Running Chick: August 28th, 2017

I’ll be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with rest days. I know they are essential, but I don’t like to rest. I like to get out there and run every day that I can. As I dive deeper into running, I’ve learned that for running success, we all must embrace resting. I was forced to embrace run rests while I was pregnant and that’s truly when I discovered how essential they are!

This past week I was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard with my family. This was the second time we traveled to the east coast with our baby, and originally I made a plan to run every day. This was a lofty goal and would have been prior to having a baby as well. Really, I just wanted to go out on some nice long runs. I did just that, but I also had some nice solid rests. The balance was perfect!

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My run rests mostly came in the form of nice walks. These are perfect and imperative to your running success. Not only do they let your legs rest, but they also help you get stronger. That’s a big reason why we all need to rest our running legs and take walks. If you don’t rest, you don’t let yourself get stronger. If you don’t get stronger, it will be difficult to keep running. Setting out on walks helps you continue to move without the intensity of running!


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Giving my body those rests last week made me feel amazing on the runs I did do. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, I feel great running my normal route. I didn’t go balls to the wall on my first run, but I’m craving going for a long run this week!

Embracing rest will help you get faster! The more days that I run in a row, the slower I get. My body gets sore and even though I’m tired, I can still go out for a run. But I don’t run fast when I do that. A big goal of mine the rest of the year is to regain my speed. I won’t reach that goal if I don’t embrace rests! It’s imperative to my running success as well as your own.

I’ve read a lot about running and I’ve heard first hand of people’s struggles. One of the biggest ones is over training. If you’re like me and you crave that daily run, then you often ignore the signs of over training. I know I do, and it will stand in my way of true running success if I’m not careful. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but remember that run rests are not a bad thing. They are part of all of our running journeys. They help all of us reach our goals!


Accept and embrace rests. They are essential to running success! Sometimes you need to rest, and that is fine. I know my body is different now, after having a baby. Those run rests are essential to keeping us strong and our minds sane!


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