Running Goals for Fall: My Running Diary

My summer was filled with a lot of runs! I love that it was, but I definitely don’t want to get stagnant when fall comes. It’s time for some new running goals for fall!


Diary of a Running Chick: August 29th, 2016

I love setting running goals for myself and I’ve done it along my whole running journey. Something that’s big for me as summer comes to an end is adding longer runs into my weekly exercise routine. I find myself good at this for a few weeks, but when I get busy or I’m tired the long runs are the first thing to drop off. Well no more kids!

I used to always run my longer runs on Sundays and this is definitely what I’m implementing this fall. Sunday was the day that my man and I ran long and far. It was always our regrouping day. This summer was quite the opposite. Sunday has been the day for random jobs and early morning meetings. Now that football season is here, I know my man will not be making any plans on Sunday mornings, so it will be back to nice long runs. I can’t wait!

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I find that when I don’t add long runs in, I actually run slower. I think it’s because I get into a groove and I get used to running similar mileage routes. But when I run longer distances, I always find that my subsequent short runs are faster and even more effortless. I love that and I’m definitely craving that again.

A good way for me to keep up with my longer runs is to treat them just like every other run. I definitely tend to put too much pressure on myself when I want to run longer. I set my alarm clock earlier and I always feel like I have to wake up for them, but then half the time I’m “tired.” Well no more kids! I want those extra days of running longer, so no more self sabotage. I’m not sure why I’ve been avoiding them, because I wake up every day and run with no problem. I definitely need to implement that same thinking when it comes to longer runs!


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Setting this goal for myself as we enter fall is definitely a great way to start the last quarter of the year. The fall is definitely going to get busy for me, especially once October comes along. I’m super excited to implement this goal. I love my running goals and so far I’ve always achieved them! Knowing that gives me some comfort. It also makes me excited to keep myself accountable for something new!

I can’t wait to be consistent with my longer runs. I truly do love running seven mile runs and even adding in a nine mile run. I always feel this great sense of accomplishment, which totally makes my whole day even better. I love the normal sense of accomplishment I get from just going out and running five miles, but I need to be switching things up for my life and that includes my runs!

Setting your running goals for the fall will keep you motivated and interested in running! It definitely is giving me something amazing to work for. I can’t wait to accomplish it and see where it takes me!



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