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Running endurance is easier to attain than you think, but you must own your feelings. Endurance is earned by learning to listen to your body and owning you! Its how I attained running success.


My Running Diary: May 14th, 2018

Running endurance “happened” for me. There was definitely a moment when I shifted my perception of endurance and let it be easy. It was a big part of owning my feelings and tuning into me. I’ve talked before about becoming a consistent runner, having that endurance, and how it was always on my “goal” list. Looking back, I realize how silly that ‘goal’ was despite always working towards it. When I finally said no more and took it off my list, that’s when it became a reality.

Why did my running endurance work like that? Can it work the same way for you? I stopped putting endurance up on a pedestal and just kept running. I no longer looked at it as a goal, but as a way of life. By shifting my focus and owning my feelings, I realized that I already had running endurance and I just needed to own it! Once I did that it became something I had and I’ve worked ever since to keep it.

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Keeping up my endurance means that I truly own my feelings when it comes to running. Take this past week for example, I traveled back from New York and got a nasty little cold. Upon my arrival back in Los Angeles, I had a plan to get right back into running and I did. Then the cold set in and I realized I needed to take care of me. I had to own my feelings. This led me to not go running as much, but I needed to take care of me. Going for a run was only going to set me back, so I rested.

Prior to being a mom, I had the luxury of taking a day to focus on me. Because my baby wasn’t feeling that great either, I never had a moment for myself. That is fine and part of the deal, but it definitely makes it take longer to shake a cold. I needed to own my feelings and trust in my running endurance.


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It’s definitely hard for me at times to own those types of feelings because I love to feel great. I love to get outside, go for a run, and then start my day. It has taken work for me to be okay with having to take it easy and because I own my feelings, it means I’m not fighting against myself. I find that it helps me get better quicker. Even though I was healing, I still got out for some good runs!

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My running endurance helps me get through many daily life obstacles. I constantly remind myself of the importance of owning my feelings and that even if I need a running rest, it won’t ruin my endurance. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need to accomplish a great running breakthrough. It’s a great reminder that I’ve gotten to the point where I want to be with my running, because I’ve owned my feelings!

Let your running endurance be easy by just running. It’s easier than you realize and owning your feelings will help you stay true to you. Remind yourself to listen to your body and you’ll always have a positive experience.

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