Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 13 | Time Portals

Harry’s enemy controls time, but the evil grey aliens are in for a surprise! Time portals are for everyone and once Harry steals back his baby from the CIA, watch out. A battle is brewing on Resident Alien season 2.


Time portals threaten all of existence. Harry discovers them and the evil aliens controlling time, but Harry is wrong. It’s not Alpha Draconians, but stubby little grey aliens freezing time and planning annihilation. Darcy is addicted to pain pills. Harry makes a crop circle to contact the aliens and then pees all over it. Asta’s mom is a b*tch. The evil grey aliens freeze time, abduct Harry, and a showdown is brewing. How is he going to stop them? Why do they want to murder all humans? They are evil to the core. Time portals will unravel our universe and all of Resident Alien season 2.

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Harry was trying to destroy humanity, but then he saved it. Now other aliens are trying to destroy humanity, so Harry must save us again. But first he has to save his friends and the life of the man he murdered, Harry. Who breaks first in Resident Alien season 2?

Will the mob get to Harry, or will the police intervene? Can the CIA catch any aliens at all, other than the baby, now that two races are fighting one another? Asta and Darcy are the unlikely heroes of this story, haphazardly fighting to save everyone, even Harry.

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Something is missing from Resident Alien and it’s the key to unlocking the truth. What are Max and Sahar going to do to save the baby alien? Surely they will be integral in helping save the world, or at least Harry’s species. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick recap.

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