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NFL Week 1 Best Picks ATS 2022 | Six Winners

NFL Week 1

Only these matchups are worth your money in NFL Week 1. The Best ATS picks start in Cincinnati and end in Denver. Have fun and win big.


Each week we give you our six best picks against the spread for NFL 2022. Lucky for you, we are great at picking games. Just don’t blame us if you lose money. Watch our top ATS picks, then watch our take on the New York Jets matchup, followed by the New York Giants matchup. More than just football in your 3 Man Booth. It’s unfiltered, fan enraged, true hot takes on the NFL.


NFL Week 1 Best Picks ATS – Watch Now

NFL Week 1

Two picks each for a total of six winners in NFL Week 1 best picks against the spread (ATS) 2022. The AFC Conference Champions are looking pretty fine, as are teams facing lowly Seattle and Washington. We are great at picking winners, just don’t blame us if you lose money.

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Total Record ATS: (0-0)
Dan: (0-0)
Phil: (0-0)
Bud: (0-0)


New York Jets Week 1 Hot Take – Watch Now

NFL Week 1

They’re calling it a revenge game for Flacco and the New York Jets, but Lamar Jackson is really really good. But he’s the only really really good. There’s ONE WAY the Jets can win. If they control and make sure that Lamar stays in the pocket, then New York will have an opportunity to win. Because as soon as Jackson extends plays, that’s when the Jets defense will get in trouble. But if they can hold him in the pocket, good coverage downfield, the Jets have a chance. NFL Week 1 revenge game victory?


New York Giants Week 1 Hot Take – Watch Now

NFL Week 1

The New York Giants week one game as question marks written all over the place. Question mark with Daniel Jones. Question mark with Barkley. Kenny Golladay is a question mark. Question mark with the offensive line. They could all be positive, they could all be negative. Then you go to Tennessee. Is Derek Henry’s foot better? The Tennessee offensive line did not improve. In fact they got worse. I mean the list goes on and on. I have no feel for this game, which is probably a good thing. If the Giants lose a nail biter, all right. But if they get blown out, then start the Tyrod Taylor question.

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Your ‘3 Man Booth‘ is the only sports talk show that’s 100% football, straight out of the fan’s mouth. Dan Salem with Phil and Bud. Comment with your thoughts on the New York Jets and New York Giants. Will our suffering continue? Bud’s a pessimist, but this season he’s uncomfortably optimistic. Phil and Dan attempt optimism, but its so darn hard with these two football teams.

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Meet our Hosts:

Dan Salem is Lead Editor, Writer, and Co-owner of BuzzChomp. He’s a published author, as well as an award winning Actor, Director and Producer. Visit M Square Productions for his film work, or get lost in his old-school comedy on Pillow Talk TV. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Phil Sember is Chief Degenerate Officer (CDO) at BuzzChomp. He’s co-host of our 3 Man Booth NFL talk show, as well as the View From Section 323 NFL podcast. He’s an avid New York Giants and New York Knicks fan. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Buddy Seamon is a contributing writer at BuzzChomp. He’s co-host of our 3 Man Booth NFL talk show, as well as the View From Section 323 NFL podcast. He’s an avid New York sports fan, rooting for the Yankees, Rangers and Jets.  You can follow him on Instagram.

NFL Week 1 Photo Credits: Getty Images and USA Today Sports

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