Resident Alien Season 1 Ep4 Reaction | Too Many Secrets

Townie secrets, alien secrets, and secret agent secrets. It’s all too much for Harry! We’re a second erection away from Resident Alien season 1 losing it. Your episode 4 reaction.


An alien would of course have secrets, but its not just Harry who has WAY too many! Resident Alien season 1 keeps exploding secrets all over our faces, like Darcy and mayor Ben’s former love affair from middle school until college. Then she ran off to be an Olympic skier. No big deal. What is a HUGE deal is that alien Harry is a widower, while dead Harry has a very much alive wife! Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

Max and Sahar trick Harry, steal his house keys, break into his basement, then get zapped unconscious by the levitation material. What the heck is it? Our secret agents are just an inept as ever, while Harry keeps trying to murder Max. His alien secret is boiling over and the wife he didn’t know he had will surely die or figure him out. Whoa. If Resident Alien season 1 wasn’t so funny, it would be so damn sad. Thankfully all of these secrets, like Asta’s lost daughter, are hilarious!

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor could be an alien. Have they been acting weird and making strange references? Totally an alien. This is what makes Resident Alien season 1 so much fun. Small towns are inherently quirky, so toss in a murder and aliens and all bets are off.

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