Resident Alien Season 1 Ep2 Reaction | Death Trap

Death traps lurk around every corner for alien Harry and young Max. Plus, being human is TOO HARD. Resident Alien season 1 goes wild. Your episode 2 reaction.


Harry is an alien and one person in the entire known world can see his true form, a kid named Max. Time to die boy! Death traps await young Max, but this is a cat and mouse game. Harry finds himself bested by the youth and Resident Alien season 1 gets hilariously evil. Plus some bowling, which is outright wild. Who will Harry try to murder next? Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

Not only is Harry setting death traps, but his hidden space ship trapped a hiker in mid-air which ultimately killed the fool. Harry is being discovered on all sides, with Max closing in, Asta realizing he’s not an actual doctor, and the sheriff turning up the heat on his weirdness. Resident Alien season 1 is anything but innocent, because Harry is now dating and he’s a poor human at best.

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You better start looking over your shoulder, because your neighbor could be an alien. Have they been acting weird and making strange references? Totally an alien. This is what makes Resident Alien season 1 so much fun. Small towns are inherently quirky, so toss in a murder and aliens and all bets are off.

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