Pumpkin Seeds Make the World Go Round

Halloween is the only time of year that I make my own pumpkin seeds, and by make I mean make amazingly delicious.  That’s right — I roast those pumpkin seeds that are attached to all those stringy guts of the pumpkin into something divinely crunchy and yummy.  Now first off, it’s just crazy that I only do this in October.  Roasted pumpkin seeds are like a special kind of special.  Don’t roll your eyes at me! I’ve been roasting the pumpkin seeds since I was a child and will never stop.

Growing up, and to this day, my favorite part of carving a pumpkin is roasting the seeds. Twenty minutes in the oven and I add a little garlic salt on top of them and they’re amazing. My man likes to try and add cinnamon and sugar to them, but seriously, I never like them like that. It ruins the seeds. Salt all the way baby!

Now that I’m older, I’ve learned the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, and little did I know I was in love with a super nutritious food. Did you know they contain good quality protein?  They’re also a good source of anti-oxidant vitamin-E and they’re an excellent source of amino acid tryptophan and glutamate.  Time for some science.  Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and niacin.  So it helps you sleep. Wow! Glutamate also acts as an anti-stress agent.  Amazing! And these delicious seeds only have two hundred calories per cup.  That’s like fifty seeds!

So yeah, I just got all dorky on you about pumpkin seeds.  But honestly, they are a delish and light snack and it’s a ton of fun to make them.  I will continue to roast the delectable seeds for the rest of my life, and one day when I have little ones of my own, I’ll pass the tradition on. Roast away!


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