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Pretty Little Liars Wrath of Khan reaction! It’s our Buzzchomp PLL Vlog!

They are really pushing this whole Noel Kahn could possibly be Mary Drake’s other child! I always feel like when they push so hard that’s just a decoy and we’re going to be thrown another mystery in the midseason finale of course!

If Noel is Mary Drake’s son it makes no sense why he would be so angry with the DeLaurentis family. He was adopted by what appears to be a nice family. His father is a judge and it seems like they have money since they do have that cabin. Why would he feel scorned? I totally understand CeCe. She was hidden from her family and thrown into Radley.

What if Noel and Jenna are really working for the real child of Mary Drake like say Lucas? Lucas has barely been around. He’s been mentioned the whole season but he has always been creepy. Let’s face it! My bet is on Lucas!

What are you thoughts on this episode and my new theory?

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