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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Spin off Theory!

The show has ended! We found out who A.D. is and just like we hypothesized, Spencer had a twin! (spoiler). But will there be a spin off? You know it! They already had Caleb’s spin off before, but let’s face it, that stunk and was weird!

We have four theories for Pretty Little Liars Spin offs! In this day and age they try to bring everything back. The first spin off theory is the most obvious, a la the 90210 spin off. It’s the Addison spin off. That would basically be rebooting the series and honestly I do not think we need that.

The other three would be completely different and kind of weird. How about finding out where Mona takes her life in France? A show about her creepy ways in Paris? That could be great! Does she still have Mary Drake and Spencer’s Evil Twin in a dungeon? How did she get them? That would be a great one.

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What about an Emily/Alison family drama spin off? That is definitely up Freeform’s alley! Our favorite though would be a Spencer and Toby spin off. It would be a Sherlock Holmes style show where Spencer is Sherlock and Toby is her Watson! There are definitely more crazy adventures for them to solve in Rosewood!

Do you think there will be a Pretty Little Liars spin off?

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