Pretty Little Liars 7×8 Hanna Goes Rogue AGAIN | BuzzChomp PLL Vlog

Pretty Little Liars 7×8 reaction Hanna goes rogue again! It’s our Buzzchomp PLL vlog!

This was definitely another “filler episode” but it gave us a lot of good info! Aria and Spencer’s quest to find the doctor who birthed Mary Drake’s children is successful. He really only reconfirmed what they already knew!

The best part of this episode is how crazy Hanna has gotten. Girl is CONVINCED that Noel Khan is A.D. and the more she is convinced the less I am. Noel is definitely a red herring. He’s not A.D. He definitely wants to figure out the mystery and he is creepy but I’m convinced he is not A.D. Hanna going rogue is just so dumb of her! She’s going to get herself kidnapped again!

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1 Comment

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