The Fat Burner Challenge – 30 days of INTENSITY!

This month I really wanted a 30 day challenge that was different from anything I’d done before. I picked the Fat Burner Challenge with that in mind, but damn. I did not know it would be 30 days of intensity!


I carefully picked the Fat Burner challenge as a full body workout to push me, but I never thought it would be so intense. I wanted variety and multiple exercises, and this 30 day challenge has it! Squats, lunges, press ups, plank and burpees. Yes, all of that is in this little challenge and while it starts pretty docile, that doesn’t last long. Day one is 50 squats, 10 lunges each leg, 5 press ups, 20 second plank and 5 burpees. Very manageable and great preparation for what’s coming.

The low down on the whole challenge is pretty simple. Squats go up by five each day, which means you end up doing a ton of these! Lunges basically go up by one per day, as do the press ups. Plank goes up by five seconds a day and the burpees remain constant for four days at a time, going up by five after your rest day. That’s right, you rest every 5th day! I really enjoyed that rest and you honestly need it every five days.

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The first week of this challenge is extremely approachable, which almost made me forget about what was coming. This was definitely a good thing, because it prepared me for what was to come. Once that intensity arrives, it doesn’t let up. This is a pure physical challenge of endurance, mind and body. At first I thought it was wonderful how it worked my legs, arms, legs again, core and then my full body, but as the reps increased, everything became full body!


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My favorite part of this challenge is that it introduced me to an exercise that I was not very familiar with: press ups. At first I thought press ups were going to be just like regular push ups. Nope. They are similar, but by no means are they the same. Press ups start from the bottom and give you a moment to come back down. They are much more approachable than push ups, but more mentally challenging. You can check out my Youtube video tutorial for a full breakdown. By the end of this challenge I did 35 press ups in a row and yes, they are intense, but you really have to work your full body to do them right. You need to engage your triceps, biceps, core and legs! I’m still working on not sagging my middle, but that’s okay. I only just learned how to do them properly with this challenge.

The best thing to plan when starting this challenge is your time. For the first few days it’s not super time consuming, but once you get around day 11 it starts to take longer and longer. By the end you need to budget almost fifteen minutes for this challenge. I highly recommend not resting between exercises either. Sure, catch your breath, but this challenge is going to make you sweat as long as you keep with the pacing of it and keep moving. I love that! It’s nice to have an intense challenge and it’s even nicer when it’s also a stand alone workout, especially if you decide to only do this challenge as your exercise for the day. You’ll still get a solid sweat in!

I loved this Fat Burner challenge! In the back of my head I knew it was going to be intense, but by no means did I know it was going to be THIS intense. I’m so glad it was! It definitely pushed me, introduced me to a new exercise and worked my whole body. Try this challenge out and let me know what you think!





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