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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 comes back this Tuesday. We’re all about the Spencer Twin Theory.

That’s right kids could Spencer have a twin and that twin be AD? Yes. She totally can. We found out in the midseason finale that Mary Drake is Spencer’s mom. It’s definitely possible for Mary Drake to have had Spencer and to have had twins.

What is the Hastings family didn’t want twins? They already had Melissa and they just wanted one more child. Could Spencer’s twin resent the fact that Spencer has had such a nice life. Could she just want revenge because she’s petty? That would totally fall in line with how all these girls on this show act.

Spencer’s twin could be her identical twin too. What if that wasn’t Spencer kissing Toby but her twin just trying to stir up trouble. She could be impersonating Spencer all around town and no one would even know!

I’ve totally thought that AD is someone that they know. This just feels too personal. What do you all think?

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