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Home Gym Ideas: Best Compact Workout Bench Plus Dip Station

Our Home Gym ideas keep it simple for you. Two compact and affordable workout benches plus a sweet dip and pull-up station. Pick one or grab all three. Your home gym is now complete!


We’ve recommended treadmills, ellipticals, and dumbbells for your home gym in our Fitness Hub, but ultimately we favor bodyweight exercises. These three home gym ideas allow you to put your body to the test with both leg and upper body exercises. Bring the gym into your home and let that expensive membership go. Two workout benches and one dip station allow for versatility and variety in your workouts.

Start by grabbing a simple fitness bench. Then add in the dip and pull-up station. Finally, complete your gym with a utility weight bench that allows for multiple exercises. Do it all on your time, without leaving the house. How great is that!?


XMark Fitness Bench

Only $283 on Amazon. This bench is perfect for core work and carving out your six-pack abs. You can also maximize your dumbbell circuits with this bench. It allows for incline, decline, and flat bench work. Leave the dumbbells behind and do dips off this fitness bench. Its one simple piece of equipment that allows for a ton of versatility in your home workouts.


Xmark Power Tower

Only $208 on Amazon. The best way to build upper body strength and carve out your six pack is with consistency. Dips, pull-ups, and leg raises are a great three part circuit to do just that. This power tower makes all three exercises easily accessible. You can keep doing them, with a spotter if necessary, and get the strength you crave.


Fitness Reality X-Class Weight Bench

Only $479 on Amazon. Now we’re talking. This weight bench has all the options of the first fitness bench, along with two great attachments for bicep curls and leg extensions. If you only get one piece of equipment, this is your weight bench. Love this one!



Share with us your questions, comments, and success stories. We are all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!


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