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All about Pretty Little Liars season 7 Radley secrets kids!

The Radley, whether it’s been a mental hospital or trendy hotel, has been the center of everything on Pretty Little Liars. Mona is sent there after everyone finds out she’s A. Spencer was sent to Radley. Charlotte was in Radley!

With the show ending, it’s evident that the Radley and A.D. are very much linked. Our other two A’s were both residents of Radley, so it makes sense that our final A would be born in Radley. Who was born in Radley? Spencer and her evil twin!

This past episode dropped the biggest bombshell in the Spencer twin theory! They actually showed us her twin! When Ezra runs into “Spencer” at the airport with Wren, that is not Spencer, that is her evil twin. Spencer wouldn’t have dressed like that or talked like that to Ezra. From the moment she came on the screen, we knew that it wasn’t Spencer!

Only a few episodes left kids. Do you think Radley holds the secret?

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