Pretty Little Liars: New Twin Theory explained

Pretty Little Liars only has the season finale left. The big bombshell to be dropped is a new twin theory and we’re here to explain it!

This second half of Season 6 has definitely been lackluster. There’s only one season left to resolve this whole storyline. Will the girls and Ali FINALLY be dealing with a twin? It looks like that. It looks like Ali’s mother had a twin and she is back! This got me to thinking that Ali’s mother’s twin is the one who killed CeCe. She killed CeCe because CeCe killed Ali’s mom!

A new Twin theory leads us to figuring out that Sara Harvey has DEFINITELY been playing with the girls! She is the ‘A’ who wants to find CeCe’s killer but has Mona been playing with the girls too? I think she has! Even though I debunked the TWO A Theory it could be possible that Sara and Mona have been playing with the girls!

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