Pregnant Farts: Pregnant Problems Ep9 | Pillow Talk TV web series

Pregnant Problems are real and Pregnant Farts are serious business. In episode nine Meghan gases Jeff out of nearly every conceivable situation… farts! It’s a problem!

Everybody farts, but pregnant farts are cruel and unusual punishment! Meghan has no shame, farting in her sleep, farting in Jeff’s face, farting over breakfast, nearly sharting in the car. Her farts are a real problem!

What kind of farts do you prefer? Juicy and soft, or hard and provocative? Meghan is the king of farts… not that she’ll accept responsibility. Whoever smelt it, dealt it! Right? Right?

Pregnant Problems follows one couple and their unborn baby through all the crap that normal people never consider. Ugh!

Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

Babies NEED a Running Stroller and We Love This One!

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