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Our Pregnancy Vlog is here and we’re on Week 35! This is all about planning a simple Jack and Jill Shower!

I’ve already had one shower thrown for me on the east coast and my hubby and I wanted to do something here in Los Angeles. We decided to go the Jack & Jill route! This is a male/female shower. We’ve been to three other baby showers like this and they’re great! We also had a wedding shower thrown like this for us. I love it because my hubby and I have a lot of the same friends and a lot of couple friends! This way everyone can join in the fun.


We’re definitely getting close to the arrival of this baby so we want this shower to be low key. I love making food and for a gathering like this it’s really easy to do low maintenance food! Pasta salads are great! Fruit salads are wonderful. Roll up sandwiches are great. All of these thins are easy to make ahead too and have it all ready to go for the big day. Pair all of this with cheese, crackers, hummus, and veggie to dips and you’re spread is almost complete! The most “time consuming” item I’ll be making is cupcakes! Those will take the longest and honestly they’re super simple to make!


Find out some more tips for a simple Jack and Jill shower by watching my video! Make sure you follow my instagram for all the pictures this Sunday!

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