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DIY Spring Organization! Your 2017 Buyer’s Guide

It’s the perfect time to clean out your life and get organized! We’re all about the DIY Spring Organization, keeping it fun and simple in our personal buyer’s guide.


The leads at BuzzChomp, Dan and Mandi, are moving to a new apartment, and this guide is for you and them. Besides cleaning everything out, they’re on a mission to stay organized in their new place! Mandi got down to business and found some perfect items to get you and keep you organized. Your Spring 2017 Buyer’s Guide!

We don’t know about you, but Dan and Mandi’s Achilles heal are closets. It’s easy to just throw stuff in a closet and shut the door, never to think about it again. But every time you open that closet, the stuff can drive you crazy! This time around they are getting uber organized.

Their list consists of essential items to keep your closet and home organized. Do you have too many shoes like them? Keep those bad boys organized on a shoe rack. Do you hate excess furniture? They do! They’re looking to completely organize their closets and home, removing any clutter. How about keeping your kitchen clutter free too!?

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! It’s time for our DIY Spring Organization Guide! Declutter your life! BuzzChomp is an official Amazon affiliate. All items listed via with prices at time of publication.


DIY Spring Organization


Homelegance Lift Top Storage Bench ($161.99)
If you live in an apartment or small house, you always want a good space saver. We really don’t like to pack our home with too much furniture! What do you do when you and your man have a lot of clothes? This space saver storage bench is perfect for clothes, and adds a nice spot to sit in your bedroom besides just the bed!


Songmics 10 Tier Shoe Rack ($36.99)
We’re guilty of having a lot of shoes! Even though we recently cleaned out our shoes, we still need a better, more efficient way to have them organized. Once we’re in our new place we’re getting this shoe rack! Right now our closet is filled with shoes. Who wants to have a large closet filled with shoes? Not us! You got to use your space wisely.


SimpleHousewares Hanging Closet Organizer ($13.77)
We’re so serious about keeping ourselves organized within our new space. We have a lot of closet space currently and will when we move, but the closets are different! This is great if you had shelves in your closet, but won’t any longer, or if you’re looking to have space to fold some clothes in your closet! This is perfect to organize yourself!


Sterilite Plastic Drawers ($34.93)
We currently have such an old school version of this in our closet, but we love it. We keep our undies, socks, and bathing suits in it. It’s totally time for an update and this bad boy is PERFECT for that! It’s on our list of buys for our move!


Grayline Cabinet Organizer ($20.66)
It can be super difficult to keep your kitchen organized, especially if you have a lot of pots, pans, plates, etc. We love cooking and entertaining, so we’ve definitely accumulated a lot of stuff! This time around we’re definitely keeping ourselves organized with this tool!


Estilo Stainless Steel Lazy Susan ($12.99)
For our new place we have loads of cabinet space. In our current apartment we have a big pantry, so we can basically put everything in there. Our spices are all organized in a basket, but that’s not going to work in a cabinet. We love a Lazy Susan and if you have a lot of spices, it’s so worth organizing them like this.


Bellemain Food Storage Container ($22.95)
Currently half our pantry is organized with food containers. We’re going to go full on organized this time around! We’ve wanted to get more containers, but have always put it off. This is just silly, especially when these containers don’t break the bank!


Baby Relax Gliding Recliner ($299.00)
You’ve completely organized yourself! WOO! Now it’s time to treat yo self! We’ve been searching for a great glider and this is for our baby’s nursery, but honestly, my man wants to put a glider in the living room because he wants to use it too. Even if you don’t have a baby, a glider is a great addition to your home.



Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. She’s an actress, writer, and producer. Get lost in her YouTube comedy channel PillowTalk TV. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram



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