Best Free Workout Guide! No More Excuses

I’ve heard so many excuses for why people don’t work out. A big one is that it can be expensive. Gym memberships, fancy yoga studios, Pilates, spin, and workout classes cost money. No more excuses! You don’t need any of that to workout. Your best free workout guide right here!


Spring is in the air and the weather is changing. Time to get yourself outside for a workout! Our handy Free Workout Guide will get you started. If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that has mild winters, such as myself here in Los Angeles, then you can use the outside as your gym all the time. There are a ton of free parks in LA that have full on gym equipment. If you live on the westside of Los Angeles, there is a park on McLaughlin Avenue that has great outdoor gym equipment. Yes, that is right, gym equipment for you to workout with for free outside. There are plenty of other parks like this in Los Angeles, and all LA parks are free. All you have to do is get your bum to one of them and take advantage of the free equipment. If you don’t have something like this in your area, parks are still great to run around and take advantage of kid’s monkey bars. You can totally work on your pull-ups and abs on them. It’s all about being creative kids. That’s the first lesson of our free workout guide!

Big cities have a lot of options for working out. There are loads of classes, but also tons of free classes! Trying out a new studio is a great way to get a free workout, but in Los Angeles there are also a lot of people who teach classes on the beach or in parks. All you have to do is find them! A lot of times they simply ask that you pay what you can. I don’t recommend paying nothing, as that’s really not cool, but throw a few bucks into the pot and you’re good to go. Often the instructors are building up their fan base and a bit newer, but still just as awesome. If you live in Santa Monica, there are plenty of beach boot camps as well as yoga. If you live in Hollywood, there is yoga at the base of Runyon Canyon. You just have to take advantage of it!

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I’m a big fan of making anywhere my gym! I used to run the stairs in my apartment complex. They are the back stairs, so I wasn’t bothering anyone by running them, but you can totally do this on any stairs. In Los Angeles there are the infamous Santa Monica stairs and those bad boys are intense! Any high school that has a stadium is perfect for you to go and run the stadium stairs. It’s super intense and you’ll get a great workout in. Anywhere is your gym!


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A common obstacle that people put up for themselves is that they think they have to go somewhere to workout. You don’t kids! You can workout from your home easier than ever now. Youtube has some great fitness trainers and great follow-along workouts. You can take a wide range of yoga classes for free guys! Whatever style of fitness you want is on there. If you like circuits and quick workouts, you can check out our channel. You can do our workouts anywhere and almost all of them are body weight workouts. A personal favorite site of mine is also Popsugar. They have a myriad of workout videos. The workouts are always great and seriously will kick your bum!

There is no need to put monetary restraints on your fitness, because you don’t need a fancy gym or fancy fitness studio to get in shape! Take advantage of the weather warming up and use the outside world as your personal gym! Don’t forget that you truly can get amazing workouts at home. Youtube and the internet are amazing resources and have loads of great workout videos! You have no excuse to not go workout.

Pass these free workout guide tips along to your friends, then get them to exercise with you. Nothing beats group energy and succeeding together!



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