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We’re in our 19th week! This pregnancy vlog is all about reflection and women’s rights!

After the events of the past week, stuff definitely got me a bit down. As many of you know, I’m having a little girl and this whole thing got me to thinking about what type of world we’ll be bringing our kids into.

This world definitely isn’t the one that I had hoped for. Right now it’s filled with so much hate and negativity. My reflection led me to decide that none of that will penetrate my little Maddi’s world! The world she’ll grow up in is the world my husband and I will create for her. The one where we teach her to be a strong and independent woman. The one where she will know that there is no difference between her and any man. A world in which she sees everyone as her equal!

That’s what I can do for my little girl. I can give her the strength to be anything she wants to be and do anything that she sets her mind to!

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