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Surviving a cold is hard but try being Pregnant and it gets even harder! It’s imperative to make sure that you take care of yourself. Our Pregnancy Update Week 30 deals with surviving a cold! Arm yourself for success.


Having a cold is the worst, but add being pregnant and in your third trimester and it is just the worst! Our Pregnancy Update Week 30 deals with surviving a cold. Remind yourself that you need extra care and your family need to step it up so you can get better. Make sure you you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

A few weeks ago, I thought I wouldn’t get the cold that my daughter first got then my husband got, but I ended up getting it. It was by no means fun and I needed to put myself first, which I can’t always do! Luckily with some TLC, I was able to only really feel horrible for 2 days then I was back to myself.

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The worst part about a cold for me is the congestion. It is save to take decongestant medicine when you are sick. That as well as my neti pot really saved me from not being so congested for too long. It allowed me relief to sleep as well as clear my head.

I was extremely lucky that my husband was able to pick up the slack with my daughter. Having him to entertain her allowed me to lie on the couch, relax, drink tea, and take a nice long hot bath. I love baths and they are extremely soothing when pregnant. Add in the fact that I was sick and it really helped my sore body.

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It can be so hard to slow down, especially with the impending baby, but if you get a cold you have to. No matter what you have going on you have to set it aside and care for yourself. You don’t want it to get worse and being able to combat it in the beginning is so much better. My daughter is almost 3, so she understood that I was sick and needed some care. That made the world of difference.


Check out our full video for more tips on surviving that cold. No matter what you do make sure you take care of yourself! Let me know any methods that you’ve done before.



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