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Our Pregnancy update Week 21 is here. It’s all about keeping a fit pregnancy. My first pregnancy I did this and I’m determined to stick with it this time around. Part of our Mommy and Me video blog series.


This is our pregnancy update week 21 is here! Woo! I can’t believe I’m moving this fast along. Over half way done and getting close to my six month of this pregnancy. I’m all about living a fit pregnancy, but let me tell you it definitely takes planning, preparation, and determination. Make sure you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

My first pregnancy, I sailed through most of my pregnancy. It wasn’t until the 7th month that my back and sciatica started to hurt which threatened my daily runs. I powered through, got massages, took baths, and calmed my sciatica down, but it definitely wasn’t fun.


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For this second pregnancy, in my fifth month, I’m already feeling so much more pressure, back and sciatica pain than I did during this period of my first pregnancy. That being said, it’s not going to stop me from having a fit pregnancy. The big thing here is adaptation.

I run six days a week and have for a long time now. That being said, I understand that every pregnancy is different and as I progress along I might need to adapt. I’ve already adapted and it’s perfectly fine if I need to do it even more.


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A big thing for me is not comparing myself to pre-pregnancy as well as my first pregnancy. This time around I have an extremely active 2 and a half year old. I also push her while I run, which I love doing, but it’s getting much harder. This week alone, I’ve opted (not because of my body) to run by myself and let her stay home. I might need to adopt this more as my belly grows.

My biggest advice is to have a plan, which is what I do anytime I tackle a new fitness endeavor or want to push myself to new fitness levels! Check out our full video for more tips and I will update you along the way sharing how I’m fairing!



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