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I’m pregnant again and this is our pregnancy update week 19! It’s our second pregnancy and definitely different this time around. Follow along on our journey as we bring you with us from now until the baby comes! It’s part of our Mommy and Me family video blog series!


Our pregnancy update week 19 is here! With our second pregnancy, things are definitely different this time around. First, I knew I was pregnant right away so since about the middle of July I’ve been like yes I am pregnant. Even though my hubby and I knew that long we waited a bit to take a pregnancy test, but we still took one pretty early. Make sure you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

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The above being said my body definitely started preparing itself early. Last time around I couldn’t feel the baby as soon. I did abs my whole first semester and didn’t even think twice. This time around I felt that baby by the end of my first trimester so certain positions I’d be like nope, I can’t do that!

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At 19 weeks, we already know that we’re having a boy. We found out at 13 weeks when we did some genetic testing. Dan thought we were having a boy because this time around I bit more morning sickness than before. My whole first trimester I’d eat and get super full. I also was extremely nauseous. The first time around I had just slight nausea, but this time around I was much more uncomfortable.

I’ll be honest that for me I don’t love being pregnant, but I do love the outcome. I’m excited for all the things to come, but as a small individual pregnancy can take it’s toll on my body. It’s definitely cool though to compare this pregnancy to the last one.


Follow along on our journey and share with me any stories from your first, second, or whichever pregnancy! Feel free to ask me any questions along the way too.


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