My Running Diary: Pick Yourself Back Up!

There have been multiple times when I’ve fallen while running. I’ve stumbled, rolled an ankle, or just plain lost my footing and fell over! No matter what, I always pick myself back up!


Diary of a Running Chick: November 20th, 2016

Last week I had a falling incident while running. I was on the last mile of my run, most of which was uphill, and crossed a busy intersection onto the sidewalk. All of a sudden my right foot caught the sidewalk and started to roll. I caught it from turning, but lost my footing and slammed my left knee into the ground. Several minutes passed as I stopped to make sure I was okay to continue. I could tell that my knee was bleeding, but it felt okay to keep running. I was so close to the end, so I pushed through the rest of my run!

I was definitely a bit bummed about my fall, but so proud of how I handled it. I know that picking myself back up was key, and always is when you stumble! I didn’t run the next day because I had a very long day and knew my body needed to recover. But my runs ever since have been much more focused and I’ve been feeling great! That stumble and recovery is paying off.

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My knee is still scraped up and bruised, but I’ve been taking care of it. It’s really just a flesh wound. I find the key to picking yourself back up is not letting any fear or disappointment in. It is what it is. It happened, but I personally reacted fast. I could have rolled my right ankle and had to take time off from running, but I didn’t. I stopped my ankle from rolling even though it caused me to lose my footing and fall down. I’d call that a win.


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Every time I have to pick myself back up, whether it’s from an injury or a mishap, I always appreciate running even more. I appreciate how great it feels to run uninhibited. Now when I feel my knee I’m grateful that I can still go out there and run! Since this happened, I’ve been craving my runs and enjoying them even more.

I always look on the bright side of the whole situation. Like I said, I could have hurt myself worse than I did. Sure, a scraped knee is painful and until it heels I’ll still feel it, but it’s really just a flesh wound. It’s really not a big deal and something that should not slow me down at all. No kids! It will not!

Whatever obstacles we face while running, always implement the same idea. Pick yourself up! I always tell myself I can go on. I always tell myself that something worse could have happened. I’m not one to baby myself either, so why would I start now? No matter what happens during a run, I always enjoy it! I always learn something from my runs. A lot of times it’s simply that I was able to keep going in a difficult situation and finish my run strong. Finishing strong sets me up to have a successful rest of the day. I’ve already accomplished my run. I looked it straight in the eye and did not falter!


That’s really all we can do with our runs. Look them in the eye and conquer them head on! No matter what happens, always pick yourself back up!


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