Partner Up!

We all know I love running.  Love it! It goes all the way back to running high school track and training for field hockey.  Back then I took one of the most fabulous things about running for granted, running with my friends and teammates. How amazing it was!  I moved on from school and fell into running on the treadmill, but something was missing. I was determined to get back running outside and regain what had made it so fabulous.  I needed to partner up! I quickly taught my man to love running and join me outside. And before I knew it, we were loving every mile and pushing one another farther down the road.

 That’s right people, partner up! Having my man to run with motivated me to be consistent with my running.  Two is always stronger than one. When we first started running together I wasn’t stopping unless he wanted to stop, and he wasn’t stopping unless I wanted to. Perfect! We kept going and going and have both built our stamina way up this way. Way up! Inevitably this led me to be both stronger and more comfortable braving my own solo runs. Yes, I said it.  There was a time when I didn’t enjoy, or feel confident running on my own. No more!

 Running with a buddy shakes up my runs! I normally run with my man at least twice a week and we always push one another.  If he’s leading and setting the pace, then I want to catch up with him and vice versa.  It adds a whole other dynamic to the run, building in training elements and even teamwork. I push myself to keep up with my man and I push him to keep going.  I want us to run farther, faster, and longer and I’m held even more accountable for my runs because I don’t want to let him down!  The best part is the success. I absolutely love how successful I feel after each and every run; especially on the weekends!  Sure, we could have stayed in bed, but instead we run and have a nice accomplishment first thing in the morning. Woo! It sets the tone for the weekend and for the week ahead.  Get yourself a partner and get out there on Sunday morning. You’ll thank me later.

 I know it can be daunting to partner up if you’re used to running by yourself, but trust me, it will revolutionize your runs! Especially if you want to be more confident on your own! Running with a new person, dragging your partner out of bed, setting a new personal record, or breaking down a mental wall of how far and long you can run will make you feel amazing! You’ll value your solo runs even more and anticipate, even crave, when you do have someone to chat with and chase down the road!

 Find yourself a running buddy! Partner up! Trust me; you won’t regret it and you’ll kick yourself asking why you didn’t partner up sooner.

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