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November Buyer’s Guide: Survive the Season!

November is the official start of the holiday season and here’s how to survive it! Whether you travel for the Holidays, or stay home, we have the perfect accessories in our November Buyer’s Guide!

November is such a wonderful month! It’s now time to get prepared to carve your Thanksgiving turkey, and make sure you’re well stocked before the big day. Let’s not fall into the trap of seasonal weight gain either. Grab the gear for a brisk run or walk, arming yourself against the cold weather. If you travel during the holidays, have no fail, we’ve got two items you won’t ever travel without!

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Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide. Every month is different, and we all need help to survive.

It’s time for our November Buyer’s Guide. Arm yourself to survive the season!


Neulus Women’s 3 pack Dry Fit Compression Shirt – $27

The Holidays can get stressful! What better way to relieve that stress than working out. I love getting in a brisk run, and having the right gear is ESSENTIAL! This three pack is awesome. You can get away from your family by going for a run, or if you’re all into it, you can go run together! It’s a perfect way to enjoy the holidays.


Asics Men’s Core Long Sleeve Shirt – $11

I love to go running with my man when we’re home for the holidays. We both get cold, but as long as he’s dressed warm, it’s always an enjoyable run. Asics is an awesome brand, and this shirt is PERFECT for running outside in the cold.


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Roaster – $58

If you plan to make a turkey, you definitely need to arm yourself with an awesome roaster. Its key! This one from Cuisinart is the one I use to make my Thanksgiving turkey, and it is great! I love the holidays, and I love cooking for people. This year I’m all about embracing the joy around me, and that means making the perfect turkey for everyone!

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Anolon Popover Pan – $22

If you’re from New England, you’ve definitely enjoyed a popover. If you’re not, well get on board with this amazing puffed bread! Popovers are wonderful and delicious. They totally embody the holidays for me. Make sure you eat one warm, and you’ll fall instantly in love. They’re super easy to make too, with only four ingredients: butter, flour, eggs, and milk. BAM! Perfection kids.


Flameless LED Flickering Candles – $22

Hosting the Holidays? Now is the time to invest in LED candles. They are awesome, and you don’t have to worry about the kids knocking them over, or the candles ever burning out. These LED candles are great. You can put them out as your center piece, or have them on a table and decorate them.


Roku 3: Streaming Set top Box – $98

I recently bought a Roku and it is awesome! I replaced my cable box in my bedroom with it, a great decision all around. The best part about this bad boy is that it’s portable. If you’re traveling during the holidays, you can bring it anywhere you go! All you need is to access Wifi and you’re golden kids!


Travelmate Foam Neck Pillow – $12

Traveling can be super tiring. It can also be uncomfortable. Getting a travel pillow totally changed that for me! You won’t ever get neck pain again from sleeping/sitting awkwardly on the plane! You can also use it if you’re driving somewhere. Trust me when I say this pillow is a LIFE SAVER!


Camry Luggage Scale – $8

I got one of these as a gift last year for Christmas and I love it! I am notorious for packing too much stuff in my suitcase. This bad boy makes it so I don’t over stuff my suitcase, and I don’t ever have to pull stuff out again! If you travel a lot, this should be your go to travel companion.



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