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For years I’d just run or go to the gym when I felt like it. My goal was to exercise Monday through Friday, but I rarely achieved it. Some days I’d sleep through my morning workouts and of course feel bad about later. Often the day off spiraled into multiple days off. But once I started planning workouts I instantly began hitting my goal of daily exercise. It’s totally kept me on track and turned me into a fitness machine! Need help planning those workouts kids?

The best way to keep yourself on a workout schedule is to use your calendar. If you like to exercise after you get off work, but find yourself skipping workouts to meet up with friends, stop the cycle the easy way by officially scheduling all your workouts. I use Google calendar and love it. Put those workouts in from 5-6pm daily and make sure you turn on the notification for a thirty minute warning. Say goodbye to excuses. The next time your friend asks about drinks after work, you’ll look at your calendar and see your workout all scheduled in. Tell your friend you aren’t free until 7pm, because from 5-6 you’re exercising!


Scheduling workouts gets you on track, but knowing exactly what exercise you’ve scheduled is doubly important. Having a clear workout plan, including cardio and weights and classes, will REVOLUTIONIZE your results kids! Start by laying out your cardio days. I recommend a minimum of three times a week and to pick specific days. Make one of those days interval cardio training to shake up the cardio! Check out my favorite treadmill interval running workout. No matter if you’re an expert runner, or still finding your legs, set intermediate goals for yourself. Make sure you’re doing cardio for a minimum of thirty minutes, regardless of the distance you go. Mix in walking with running so you get the full thirty minute workout.


Next up is your strength training plan, so schedule days to focus on strength and select some balanced circuits. The best part about strength training is that there are literally SO MANY workouts available online. Fitness videos are all over Youtube and is a great resource for women looking for fitness routines. But my personal favorite resource is Pinterest. Identify what days you’re going to lift and add it to your calendar. No more excuses! If you’re unsure of where to start, leave me a comment below and I can totally help. Also talk to someone at you gym. Most offer one free personal training session and you’ll get tons of great ideas.
My personal favorite way to plan workouts is by accepting a 30 day fitness challenge. I add them to my existing workout plan for amazing motivation and results. But if you simply accept the challenge, you’ve committed to a daily workout plan. I can’t stress these 30 day fitness challenges enough; each one reinvents you in a new way.

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If you’re looking to get into HIIT then try this 30 day challenge. If you’d rather focus on your core, then check out this 30 day challenge instead. A fitness challenge does ALL of the work for you. Each day is completely planned out, all you have to do is schedule a time. Depending on the challenge, some even have planned rest days. The best challenges I’ve found are here online: I’ll warn you, these challenges are ADDICTING. I started doing my first 30 days back in October and have picked a new challenge every month since. They’re inspiring and give you a great accomplishment every thirty days!

Being diligent with your workouts and planning them will keep you both focused and motivated. Best of all, you’ll keep accomplishing goals and working toward new ones. It’s time to get serious kids and take those workouts to the next level!



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