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Monday Motivation is all about Me vs myself! It’s part of our BuzzChomp fitness video series. Quit comparing yourself to others! It’s only about you and what you want to accomplish.


I know goals work for a lot of people but then they see other people accomplishing their goals and they get discourage. Make sure you make your fitness journey personal. It doesn’t matter what anyone else accomplishes. It’s all about you.

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I’m guilty of comparing myself to others but I can’t. You don’t know how long someone has been doing a workout. You just can’t put yourself in their shoes. No matter how hard you try every body is an individual that is why it’s me vs myself!

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Repeat that to yourself on this Monday Motivation and every day but remember to always start with your Monday fitness motivation. Forget what everyone else does when it comes to their fitness. Only focus of me vs myself and no one else!

Every Monday it’s our Motivational Monday video part of our BuzzChomp fitness series!


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Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. She’s an actress, writer, and producer. Get lost in her youtube comedy channel PillowTalk TV. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram



Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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