Mastering Fitness Flexibility: Fit Mom Edition

When it comes to becoming a Fit Mom you have to work on mastering fitness flexibility!

This is definitely something I’m coming to terms with. I used to be very rigid with my workouts. I’d wake up every morning and go for a run. I’d love doing that. It was my routine.

Now that I’ve been getting back into my workouts, I find that I can’t always workout when I want to. There have been mornings when I was planning to go run, but I have to tend to my baby girl. I’m now learning that I need to be flexible! I have to be open to working out whenever I can.


Mastering fitness flexibility will truly help you get back on your fitness journey. So far I’ve been lucky to have my man home with me and he’s been great at watching the baby when I go run.

It can definitely seem daunting to make a plan for your fitness and to do something for you during this life changing time, but this time is temporary. Your baby is going to get on a schedule and you will get on one too. Making your fitness a priority now will help you keep it in your schedule.


Every Wednesday we’ll have a new Fit Mom vlog! I’ll be tracking my post baby fitness, meals, and workouts! Join me on my new adventure as I recommit to my fitness journey!

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