Lovecraft Country Season 1 Cliff Notes | Every WTF Moment

Lovecraft Country season 1 ended in spectacular fashion! So much crazy stuff went down and I’m sharing every WTF moment. These are your cliff notes!


Lovecraft Country is such an amazing show and we have every WTF moment! So much happened in season 1 that it’s time for a little refresher. Enjoy my Lovecraft Country season 1 cliff notes and make sure you watch my full video on our YouTube channel!


From the start of the series we meet Tic, Leti, and Uncle George as they go off on their journey to Ardham Massachusetts to find Tic’s father Montrose. They dive right into this world of magic when they encounter a racist sheriff who corners them leading them into the forest where they are all attacked by Shaggoth’s (vampire like beasts). Tic, Leti, and Uncle George shaken emerge from the forest to the mansion they were looking for.

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After episode 1, Tic, Leti, Uncle George, and really everyone in their inner circle, have their eyes opened to this world of magic through the Sons of Adam. Tic learns he’s one of the last living descendants of Titus Braithewaite and therefore magical blood surges through his veins. He too is a member of the Sons of Adam and can do magic.

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Tic survives a sacrificing ritual through the help of his ancestor Hannah, who carried Titus’s child. Then he loses his Uncle George, gains more knowledge and understanding of his father Montrose, as well as falls in love with Leti.

Lovecraft Country season 1 also dives into multi-dimensional time travel, curses on Tic’s cousin/sister Dee, magical potions morphing you into someone else, haunted houses, racist cops, and so many more amazing WTF moments.

Watch my full Lovecraft Country season 1 video and let me know what you thought of season 1. Do you think we will get a season 2?



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