Lovecraft Country Episode 7 Reaction | Parallel Universe

Lovecraft Country episode 7 reaction is all about the possibility of Parallel Universe. We finally learned more about Hippolyta and got insight into her role in this adventure. It was quite the trip!


The most recent episode of Lovecraft Country is definitely more grounded than the previous two even though it focuses on Hippolyta’s time traveling adventure. Our Lovecraft Country episode 7 reaction focuses on all the possibility of Parallel Universes. Make sure you watch out full reaction video.


The parallel universe theory hangs on seeing Tic coming out of the time portal holding a copy of “Lovecraft Country written by George Freeman.” This got me thinking that Tic goes to another universe where Uncle George survived Ardham and writes a book about their adventure.

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With the above happening for Tic then each time period that Hippolyta went to is another universe that she exists in. Her time travel experience dancing with Josephine Baker gave her grace and confidence.

Hippolyta becomes a great Amazon warrior in another universe and in her final universe she’s able to have the relationship she truly wanted with George. They become equals and unlock their own adventures.

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All of those parallel universes allowed Hippolyta to unlock her strength, confidence, peace, and knowledge. She’ll need all of those things to help Tic unlock the secrets of the book.


Lovecraft Country Episode 7

Lovecraft Country episode 7 is another amazing episode! Our reaction video focused even more on Parallel Universes because there is definitely always a twist and layer to this amazing show. Share with me your own thought son this theory!


Lovecraft Country Episode 7

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