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Dedicating yourself to being physical and staying fit is a lifelong activity. And one of the only ways for you to continue to stay healthy and happy is to be honest with yourself. That’s right kids! Make sure you’re honest and you listen to your body!

Last week I needed to take my own advice and listen to my body! I got a cold and was completely stuffed up, wiped out, and not myself. It was hard to get a good night sleep and even harder to shake that damn cold! I needed to give my physical body a rest. Those who know me know that this is a super hard thing for me to do. I rarely take a day off from working out; and honestly I don’t feel like myself if I haven’t gone for a run and gotten a good old sweat in! It keeps me sane and keeps me feeling like me. But I listened to my body and made an exception last week, resting until I was better. I needed it!




I have a habit of guilting myself into working out and eating right. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat healthy and workout, but whenever I think about not doing one or the other I inevitably feel so bad that I crush the thought and continue on with my healthy habits! So you can imagine my difficulty when my body tells me to stop. Anytime my body tells me to rest I first remind myself to listen. I remember to be honest, take a deep breath, and tell myself its okay. Sometimes you just need to relax and let yourself rejuvenate!

Listening to your body is one of the most important things that you can do. Even though I didn’t run as much as I would have liked last week, I know I’m now stronger for admitting to myself that I needed to take it slow. Listening has helped me push myself to the next level both physically and mentally. It has enabled me to admit when I need to rest. It has helped me stay true to my goals and to myself! I implemented this a long time ago and I’ve accomplished so many goals this way as it’s kept me on track.

Trust me kids! Once you learn to listen to your body, your physical body will transform! You’ll be a much stronger person physically and mentally. You won’t get so worn out. You won’t get so tired. Colds will pass you by. Injury will not harbor in your body. You’ll be stronger than you ever imagined!
Get out there and workout and remember to listen to your body! Push your limits, but it’s okay to slow down and take a moment for yourself when you need it.


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