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LILLEbaby Carrier Review: All-In-One Lives Up To The Hype

Sifting through the litany of baby products for your new child is daunting. We personally own three different baby carriers, but the LILLEbaby carrier gets our top recommendation. Its all-in-one and should top your list!


Baby carriers come in a variety of styles to meet several different needs. Complicating matters is the growing size of your new child and a desire to buy one thing to carry them until they can walk. Since the list of baby products to own is miles long, finding one primary carrier was essential for us at BuzzChomp as new parents. We ended up owning three different ones, but our LILLEbaby carrier is our favorite. We’d recommend it first for its versatility, longevity, comfort, and flexibility.

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We wanted two kinds of baby carriers for our newborn daughter. The first was one that snapped into a car seat base and had a handle. A literal carrier for our baby girl. This is great, but will soon become very heavy to lug around as our daughter grows. Plus, its only good for carrying her in and out of the car, or moving from the car to the stroller if you have that as well. Don’t get us wrong, this is an amazing thing to own if you want to visit friends, family, or go to a restaurant. But it’s not the most versatile, and becomes obsolete once your child is over 25 pounds, or about one year old.

The second kind of carrier we knew we needed is what LILLEbaby offers and does exceptionally well, a wearable carrier that your child slides and straps into. Since we also own a wrap that requires two-handed folding and weaving prior to use, we have no problem stating that this carrier is infinitely easier to utilize, especially if you’re by yourself. It goes on like a backpack, with your child sitting either against your chest or your back. The only tricky part is snapping the latch behind your neck. You’ll likely want help putting your child in the carrier once he or she is large enough to sit on your back. But you can do it all by yourself while your child rides in front. It has an inner strap that goes around your child’s waist, as well as the aforementioned shoulder/neck strap, and a strap around your waist. It adjusts in several more places, but those are the major latches to be secured.


LILLEbaby Video Review via ‘Maddi and Me’



We’ve used our LILLEbaby Carrier to bring our daughter hiking and she loved it. When she was a newborn, our baby just slept in the carrier. She’d fall asleep within five minutes of our hike beginning. Now that’s she’s an infant, our baby likes to face forward against our chest so she can see the world. It’s quite the experience for her! We’ve also used our carrier to bring her to the beach, since the best beaches in Los Angeles require a short walk. It was perfect, freeing up our hands to carry beach chairs and what not. We’ve also used this carrier to go for walks around the neighborhood, but it would be great at the mall as well. Because it’s so easy to get on and off, we prefer it to a traditional wrap.


LILLEbaby Carrier is Six in One


Let us know your experience with the LILLEbaby Carrier and if you found other great pros and cons to share. Comment below and post your photos using the carrier. We’ll share the best ones on our social channels!

Share your questions, comments, and success stories with us. We’re all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!



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