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Legwarmers – They’re back

Way back in February I went to Philly for my grandmother’s ninetieth birthday.  You read that correctly, she is over three times as old as me, ninety! My family threw her a lovely brunch at a cute historical spot on the Delaware River.  I dressed up in a pretty beige lace dress from ‘Free People’ accented with leggings and pink legwarmers.  That’s right, I said legwarmers.  They’re back!  The ones you wore in dance class when you were a child.  The same ones you wore as a Halloween costume in college.  My mama, aka fashion guru, bought me a pair for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I’ve been rocking those legwarmers every since! They’re pink and sweater material with the cutest purple ties on top. When I wore them at my grandma’s party I definitely got a few comments, from my annoying brothers of course.  They were like “Is this what they’re wearing in LA?”  and “Those look like a bad fitness video.”  But I love them and I don’t care what anyone says about them. Legwarmers are amazing!

Searching through Pinterest and online fashion sites I’ve found so many legwarmers for sale. Hot damn! I guess now they’re officially back, not just Mandi back. Free People, Target, Khols, Amazon, Etsy, American Apparel, and the list could go on.  They’re everywhere!

So okay, if you’re going to wear legwarmers, which I highly recommend, let me give you some style tips.  Legwarmers over top of leggings with a cute pair of Tom’s or ballet flats are a kick ass combo.  A cute pair of colored skinny jeans with legwarmers scrunched up at the bottom also rocks.  A personal favorite of mine are legwarmers stuffed into boots.  Way cute! You can do that wearing leggings, jeans, stockings, tights, anything! Look at that, legwarmers aren’t just sexy but so versatile and comfy.

Legwarmers are a total throwback to the 80’s and 90’s and who doesn’t love that? Super, super cool! Honestly, they add a flare to your style and they’re fun and comfy! Rock them or get left behind. Legwarmers are back; it’s a fashion revolution!

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