Keeping the fitness Intensity

The New Year is now in full effect! Let’s do this. I’m ready to reach some more serious fitness goals! I’m already in full swing and back without any hitches and my primary fitness goal is simple; make sure that I’m keeping my intensity up. I’m prepared at every workout to face that intensity and keep myself going. After a week of the New Year I’m already feeling sore and I love it!

For those of you out there who are just getting into the workout swing, it’s definitely advantageous to try something new! It will no doubt feel intense your first time, that’s normal.  Over the weekend I was in my usual Saturday morning yoga class and it was packed! Of course it was; it was the first Saturday of the year.  I was raring to go; my first yoga class of the New Year, jammed packed with people and super high intensity! I happened to be practicing next to a guy I knew had never done yoga before.  The woman he was with was giving him tips prior to the class; I know, I know, you all thought I was a mind reader.  Boy did the class kick his butt, but he kept going! It started off kind of gently, a trick the instructor often does just before ramping up the class, and the intensity and the skill level of the class just rose and rose! During my own practice I try to keep focused on myself, but I couldn’t help but notice the new guy next to me struggling.  He was sweating, panting, and often coming out of a pose early, but he did it! He did the whole class.  He didn’t get up and leave.  He didn’t even go to the bathroom.  He did the class to the best of his ability and faced that intensity down!

I wanted to ask the guy what he thought after class, but I didn’t want to be a creeper.  His friend complimented him on a job well done and said it gets easier the more you do it.  He marveled at her skill level and said that he enjoyed the class.  I’m sure he wasn’t the only one in the class that was trying yoga for the first time.  I hope he’ll be back! Yoga has a way of being intense by not even meaning to be intense.  Whether I’m going to a new teacher, a new school, or just my regular classes, I always find that intensity that I’m looking for!  After every class, I’m reminded why I come.  I feel wonderful emotionally and physically. Even if I go in thinking it will be easy and not looking for a hardcore workout, I always get one! I face down the intensity and love it.

I have an array of workouts in my fitness regime that are jammed packed with variety and intensity filled! Yoga is just one of my workouts.  I run, jump rope, circuit train, and workout at the gym.  I’d love to get to more spinning classes, find more yoga instructors to love, lift more, and get more hikes in! The options are endless and I’m keeping my intensity up. That’s really the secret to maintaining intensity; keep doing different workouts!

Remember; don’t get intimidated by trying new workouts! It’s the best thing for your body.  Also recognize your intensity level.  Be honest with yourself and how much effort you’re really putting into working out.  In the beginning, just getting your body moving is enough intensity, but once your body gets used to it you definitely need to switch it up and push your intensity level higher! Run hills, run stairs, go for a longer hike, longer run, or interval run/train. Ride a bike, learn tennis or join a flag football league. Trust me; there are endless possibilities to keeping your intensity going! Just be honest with yourself and put yourself out there. You’ll have the best workouts ever!

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