Instagram Hack: Double your Followers!

Who doesn’t want a ton of Instagram followers? Check out this Instagram hack where you’ll easily double your followers.

Recently I was told about following tips from an account called Popugram. It’s super simple. The account walks you through how to do it. It’s basically just the trick that most people on twitter use. The following and unfollowing game except you follow and unfollow 143 people. These people have super huge followings. The concept is that people will auto follow people who follow these accounts.

After only doing it for a few days I doubled my following! There are some tricks to it that I’ve learned and am sharing with all of you! For example you’re Instagram account can get frozen meaning you can’t follow or unfollow anyone for 12 hours if you follow and unfollow to many people. Instagram thinks you’re a bot kids so be careful how often you do this a day.

Find out my other tips that make this Instagram hack even easier. Definitely be warned it’s tedious but worth it.

Comment on my video and let me know how it works out for you!


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1 Comment

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