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In The Heights crushes its adaptation. This film is so much fun, has a great cast,and the singing is top notch! It’s a really good feel good and fun movie. Perfect for your first time back in the theater or to enjoy at home.

In The Heights is absolutely fabulous and it crushes its adaptation. I never got a chance to see this live and I still really want to, but it the adaptation is simply wonderful. It’s a great summer feel good musical!

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A big thing for me with musical film adaptations is the singing. I find a lot of times, we’re looking at you “Cats,” as well as many others, Hollywood opts for star names and not power house singers. In The Heights cast fabulous actors who can sing and dance beautifully. I didn’t see the Broadway show and I know Lin-Manuel Miranda was absolutely fabulous as Usnavi, but Anthony Ramos is so amazing as Usnavi. I love his voice and what he brought to the film.

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Jon M. Chu directed this film and nailed the dance sequences, not surprising, but still the sequences were shot brilliantly. I really enjoyed the way the film is shot, color toned, and all that. Jon did some really fun and unique things that brought the film together for me.

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The story is cute and not necessary unique, but what stories truly are. The running time for the film is close to two hours and twenty minutes so it is a bit long. This didn’t bother me and I’m known to fall asleep in movies, but my hubby did find it a little long. He doesn’t love musicals like I do though.

In The Heights is fabulous and like I said crushes its adaptation. This will definitely be a film that I re-watch. Share with me your thoughts and feelings on In The Heights!

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