Upping Your Pace: My Running Diary

Last week I wrote about letting go of expectations, so now start upping your pace! Get running just for you and keep going. This is my running diary.


Diary of a Running Chick: May 30th, 2016

Recently I’ve been in a little pace slump, so focused on just getting out there and running that I forgot to push myself. I got comfortable with my pace and needed to kickstart my workouts to kick my slump. Turns out this was much easier than I expected!

Yesterday I went out for my morning run like any other Sunday. I especially love my Sunday morning runs, because I go running with my man. We always start our runs together at the top of the hill and then I end up slowing down behind him. Something happened yesterday, where it just clicked and I kept my pace. We started with the downhill and as I felt myself slowing down and my man inching away farther ahead I said to myself ‘No!’ I sped up and ran right next to him!

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As we’re running down the hill and chatting it felt so effortless. This pace wasn’t any harder for me to run at. When we hit the flat portion of our run, before it heads up hill slightly, I ran even faster! This is normally the spot where my pace slows down, but yesterday I ran faster and even passed my man, setting our pace! The best part was, I didn’t even think about it. I just did it.

Our route then began to move up hill, but I kept pushing myself. Anytime I found myself lagging behind, I sped up to catch my man or pass him again. I embraced how great it felt running right there beside him and kept my pace up to keep it going. It had been too long since I last did this!


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Our run ended with a long uphill portion, but I didn’t let myself lag too far behind. Uphills are always a challenge for me. They feel “effortless” most times, but my pace still lags. Since I was making myself keep the pace we set in the beginning, I made sure that even at the end I pushed it! I kept going up the hill and could see how I’ll be able to push even faster.

When all was said and done, our pace was a minute faster per mile! The best part was, I was able to do it again this morning. Weekday mornings I’m usually on my own, but because of the holiday I had my running partner again! While I wasn’t ahead like yesterday, I kept my pace up we ran side by side for much of the time. Our five mile loop was even a little faster than yesterday!

I love that I didn’t over think this and just went for it during both my most recent runs. Now it’s time for me to recreate this on my own. I find it much harder to push myself when I’m running by myself, but that’s no excuse! Upping my pace without planning it was amazing. It has invigorated me to run faster and showed me that a faster pace isn’t hard! Sure, my legs were a bit sore and tight this morning, but finishing another run like yesterday made me crave it even more!

I didn’t put any pressure on myself and that really is the key! Let me know how it feels for you upping your pace effortlessly kids!



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