I’ll spin any day!

Spinning? Spinning! For years I’d heard about the infamous Soul Cycle. What is it exactly? It’s spinning, exercise on a stationary bicycle, a trendy and uber expensive workout class that originated in New York City. Celebrities love it and work out there, so it’s perfect for both kicking your bum and doing a little famous people watching. If that’s your thang, or if you just want to really push your limits and challenge your ego, then get on board with Soul Cycle!

I have a secret to admit. I’d never tried spinning before Soul Cycle. Yes I know, I love different workouts and try to try them all, so how could I have skipped over spinning? Oh, the horror! Spinning intimated me. For years I’d secretly watch the six AM spinning class at the gym with wide eyes. The music was always blaring, the instructor was always screaming, and riding a bike at high speeds for an hour made me skittish. I just wasn’t sure I could handle it! Well I was being silly! Fear conquered.

Soul Cycle started popping up all over Los Angeles, and since your first class is only fifteen bucks, I finally cut the cord. Sign me up! It was my bachelorette weekend and I took a friend with me for my first spinning adventure. We decided what better way to kick things off than with an early morning Soul Cycle class. Hot Damn!

I was super nervous walking in the door! The instructor was of course an extremely fit guy. Bulging muscles, trim physique and super motivating. I loved that there was a real positive energy vibe going on in his class. Within the first few minutes I was already sweating. This was my kind of class! Spinning, where have you been all my life? I can’t believe I shunned you for all those years. The workout was high intensity. The music playlist was awesome. There were moments where I just wanted to sing out loud! And the class amped itself up and slowed down perfectly. There was a short section with weights and we got a good little stretch in at the end! Surprising and wonderful!

I now love Soul Cycle. I know, of course I do; I’m a workout junky. But it really surprised me how fun and engaging it was. I don’t however love the cost. While I find Soul Cycle invigorating and a wonderful experience, my wallet will not appreciate you every day. My suggestion to Soul Cycle, please do some Groupon deals so I can come back on the regular! Regardless, I need to incorporate a high intensity spinning class into my weekly workouts. Any suggestions are welcome! I love me some spinning!

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