How To Run Clear Headed: Running Tips from a Running Chick

It’s funny how something as simple as running can be so hard at times. It often has a lot to do with your mental mindset! How to run clear headed is easier than you think. Follow these running tips!


Diary of a Running Chick: September 18th, 2017

Our mental mindset determines whether we have a great run, an easy run, or an enormous challenge. How to run clear headed is easier than you think. Let the physical challenge be enough. Use these running tips to keep your head clear and your mind focused!

Let go of expectations! For some reason, we are all guilty of going into a run with expectations. It’s how we’re all wired. It’s a skill to be able to just go out there and run. This was a goal of mine for a very long time. It took me years to get here. Once I was able to truly do this, I was able to run clear headed!

Don’t compare yourself to yesterday. I definitely find myself doing this still. If I’m comparing myself, how can I run clear headed? Well I’m not, because what I did yesterday is always in the back of my mind!

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Run without a plan. This is a huge one to master and critical in learning how to run clear headed. I always have some sort of plan when I’m running, but it’s those days when I say screw it to my plans that I have amazing clear headed runs. I decide split second to go up a different street or to extend my run when I had no plans to originally do so. This is one of those running tips that you just have to try!

Run your route backwards. I’ve written about this before. Doing it will truly help you learn how to run clear headed. It’s so easy to set out on the same course every day, but running it backwards gives you an extremely clear perspective.


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Practice just running. When you can just go out and run, you are running clear headed. We all do something else while we run. Some fight their inner monologue, some daydream, some plan their day etc. It’s hard not to think about something else, but when you can just be out there running, you’re totally and completely clear minded!

Embrace what made running fun as a child. I can remember summer nights playing hide and go seek with friends who had large backyards. We even did this when we were in high school. We’d pair up into groups and play an extreme game of hide and seek. There were many times I avoided capture by running harder and faster than someone else. That was such an amazing high! I always had so much fun. It was always a clear headed run!

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Just have fun! Not having fun while running makes any run miserable. Why do it if you hate it? Honestly, some people still do it because they love the results, but they say they hate running. This is just crazy. If you love the results, then take that feeling and apply it to your runs! You’ve got to be out there having fun, or else you won’t ever stay consistent with your runs!

It’s easier than you think to run clear headed. Embrace what you love about running. Bring your runs to their simplest form. Don’t be one of those people who is convinced they can’t love running, because we all can. Our bodies thrive when we run! You can go out there and have running success using these running tips! Learn how to run clear headed and you’ll learn to enjoy running.



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