How To Lose Weight and Still Eat Carbs!

I love carbs and that means all forms kids. Breads, pasta, rice, fruit, crackers, potatoes, corn, and yogurt are all delicious! You can eat carbs and lose weight. This is how!


For a long time I thought we had to completely restrict our carbs to lose weight, which can drive you mad! Carbs are delicious, and I personally love them. Good thing I was wrong. You can eat carbs and lose weight. Here’s how!

Eat healthy carbs! There are plenty of healthy foods that have carbs in them. This doesn’t make them off limits, but on the contrary, they’re amazing for your diet and weight loss journey. Strawberries and blueberries are two of my favorite fruits to eat and they are high in carbs. If you think about it, of course they are. Carbs are sugar, but fruit sugar is great for you! Sweet potatoes are also high in carbs. This starchy vegetable is amazing for you! Oatmeal is another food high in carbs and it’s a great breakfast. It fills you up and is the perfect way to start your day.

Know the right time to eat carbs. I love eating the majority of my carbs in the morning. I’m a runner and that fuels my day. My breakfast is my most carb heavy meal. I always eat fruit, oatmeal, and Greek yogurt. This keeps me feeling full longer which helps to lose weight. There are some days, especially now that I’m caring for a baby, that I have to put off eating lunch. I have to take care of my baby first, and having a breakfast full of carbs definitely has helped me on days when I eat a late lunch. Make sure that as your day goes on, you have less carbs at each meal. Be careful about having a carb heavy breakfast, then having a huge sandwich for lunch, and then a big bowl of pasta for dinner. That’s way too much!

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It’s all about portion control. Learn the portions of your favorite foods! If you love pasta and want to eat it frequently, then learn how much is one serving. Sticking to the correct portion of pasta, rice, or even starchy vegetables, is key when you want to enjoy them. Honestly, it keeps you honest about your diet and also helps you to not overindulge! That’s really the key. You can enjoy carbs, but you don’t want to go carb overload. I often do this when it comes to chips and crackers. So I count out a serving. I truly find I’m satisfied prior to eating the whole serving.


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Indulge in low carb days. Everything in moderation is better. You don’t need to eat bread everyday. Ever since I stopped, I completely enjoy it more! It makes it better when I do eat it. I used to always have a sandwich every day, but because I stopped, I now enjoy them so much more when I do. It goes the same for sweets like cookies and cakes. I don’t eat them every day and I often go weeks without eating a cookie or cake. It makes it so much better when I do eat them. You’ll realize that you don’t need to eat a treat every day.

Don’t be afraid to screw everything and indulge! About 95% of the time I stick to this plan of ‘how to lose weight and still eat carbs.’ Even after I’ve lost the weight and just want to maintain where I’m at, I keep to my plan. But there comes a time when you just need to indulge. When you go on vacation, it’s important to let your guard down a bit. I find that when I’m back home, I’m back to eating exactly how I did before. Even if I just spent a week indulging with more breads, pastas, and sweets, it’s fine because I always get back to my regularly scheduled eating!


You don’t have to be so strict in order to lose weight. You don’t have to ban carbs from your life! Trust me, that’s not going to get you the results that you want. Just be smart about eating and your diet. You can eat carbs and lose weight!


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