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Our Fit Mom Journey continues. It’s time to embrace your beach body! My BuzzChomp fitness vlog. Summer is in full swing and it’s all about your body.


Summer is in full swing and it’s all about your beach body. I can’t help but question my own body. I’ve lost all of my baby weight and I’m constantly told I do not look like I had a baby four months ago. That’s awesome! I know its true, but I also know that my beach body doesn’t look like it did last year.

I’m determined to let that go when it comes to my beach body and you should too when it comes to your beach body. This is hard though, and it’s something I need to accept on my fit mom journey. I’m still a work in progress and that is fine!


I have to remind myself that it took time to get my previous beach body. It took a lot of consistency and a lot of discipline. I’ve gotten my consistency back on this fit mom journey and I’m working on that discipline. I know when it comes to having a baby, your core is the last thing to come back!

I’m on my way to my beach body, even though I’m not completely satisfied yet. I know I will get to where I was last summer in no time. So wherever you are at with your beach body, remind yourself that it takes time. As long as you keep yourself focused on your workouts, you will get there! Trust me.

Join our fit mom journey and get the body you desire! Together we can conquer our goals, stay focused, and keep one another accountable.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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