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Set aside what you wanted for the series, because we all know that wasn’t going to happen! 5 Reasons Game of Thrones had the perfect ending. We can’t change it and honestly, it’s perfect for this series.


SPOILERS: Do not proceed if you are not caught up on Game of Thrones

Let me first say that this is not the ending that I would have written. I have a strong feeling though that this is loosely the ending that George R. R. Martin has for the books. BUT he definitely has all the details to make it work. Regardless, here are my 5 Reasons Game of Thrones had the perfect ending!

One of my five reasons that I’ll tease here is that SANSA is QUEEN OF THE Mother F***ing NORTH! Sansa stuck to her guns. She did not want to bend to ANYONE and that included her brother! I love that about her. She stayed true to herself and used her power/influence to get what she wanted.

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What other ending would you have wanted for Sansa? She was not going to be queen of Westeros, because she was never going to go to King’s Landing EVER again.

I know they are doing a few spin-offs for Game of Thrones, but after Arya’s storyline was “wrapped up,” all I’m saying is we NEED an Arya Stark spin off! They left her open ended and I love that. I think her character, just like Sansa, kept true to herself.



Even though it was a bit of a bummer to have Bran the Broken (I kept calling him Bran the Breaker in the video) as king of the 6 kingdoms, who else would have been a just ruler? I keep thinking about it and he truly is the best choice. He’s loyal to the realm, making him the perfect choice for their new system. Again, it was rushed and I’m sure in the books it is much more cohesive.

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There was always going to be conflicted feelings when it comes to the ending of Game of Thrones. It would have truly only been satisfying if George R. R. Martin had finished the books first, but he did not.

Check out my full video for more reasons why the conclusion to the series was perfect. Then let’s debate in the comments!


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